Thursday, September 03, 2009

Best in Show?

I forgot to mention some good news from last month:  I had submitted a few poems for the 2009 Del Norte County Fair (theme "Cowboy Boots and Country Roots").  Yes, it's not just bunnies and cows and apple pies--you can submit poetry to the good ol' county fair.  And yes, I do say on my website somewhere that "I don't do poetry." But you just can't submit novels or travel stories or children's book (for adults) to the county fair.  So I took a few really short stories and re-formatted them to add more line breaks.  And off they went.

Well, I may need to change that note about whether I do poetry (in fact, it might be gone now), because in the adult poetry section, I received the Best in Show and First Place ribbons, for my submissions "Orange" and "Noodles." And just to be clear, when I say "adult poetry" I don't mean poetry of an adult nature.  They had a division of poetry by adults and another for poetry by kids.  Though it might be more fun if they did have an adult adult poetry division.  But then the kids might think it's unfair because you can't have a children's adult poetry division.  That just wouldn't be cool.

In other fair news, I also received a first place in the digital photography division for one of my banana slug mandalas ("Slugdala #3").  So whaddaya know--an award winning poet and artist. 

But will anyone buy my novel?

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